Paul Okoye Expresses Regret For Washing Dirty Linens On Social Media

For those of you wondering why Paul Okoye is not as outspoken on social media as his brother, Peter concerning recent issues happening in his family, the artiste has confirmed that he is not a fan of talking about the problems of his family on social don't expect it.

This revelation was made in his interview with BeatFm where the new solo artiste said that he does not encourage washing family dirty linens outside, rather it should be resolved in the confines of that family. He went further to apologize to his fans, expressing his regret for coming out to sub his brother or direct any shade at him, stating that he was being influenced by something as it is not what he'll naturally do.

To Paul, people are always waiting to hear the problems your family is facing whereas this is something all family face as no family is perfect hence coming out causes more harm than actually repairing the problem.

Moving forward, Paul mentioned that he is looking to a greater year in 2018 as the year already started for him since 1st of November.

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