Odumodublvck reportedly involved in confrontation with security at BNXN's Concert


Nigerian singer, Tochukwu Gbubemi Ojogwu, professionally identified as Odumodublvck, found himself embroiled in a confrontation with security personnel during his attendance at a concert headlined by his fellow artist, Daniel Etiese Benson, BNXN.

A circulating video on social media today captured the altercation, wherein Odumodublvck, accompanied by a group of individuals, encountered impediments preventing their entry into the concert venue. In his attempt to ensure the admission of those accompanying him, the singer engaged in a heated exchange of words with the security officers stationed at the entrance.

The video documented Odumodublvck vociferously expressing his discontent, raising his voice as he grasped the clothing of one of the individuals involved in the dispute. Notably adorned in his signature red cap, the singer became a focal point in the escalating confrontation, with onlookers attempting to intervene and separate the parties involved.

As details surrounding the altercation at BNXN's concert continue to emerge, the industry and fans alike are observing closely for any developments and responses from the parties involved, shedding light on the circumstances that led to this unexpected clash.