Odumodublvck dedicates next single to music journalist Joey Akan


Nigerian musician Odumodublvck has set the internet abuzz with a recent tweet dedicating his upcoming single to prominent music critic Joey Akan.

The tweet, which reads "I AM DEDICATING MY NEXT SINGLE TO JOEY AKAN BWAHAHAHAHA @JoeyAkan - INDUSTRY MACHINE," has sparked a wave of speculation among fans and industry watchers alike.

Akan is a highly respected yet controversial figure in the Nigerian music scene. Renowned for his sharp critiques and unwavering opinions, he has both championed and challenged countless artists. His influence on the industry is undeniable, with him being able to influence fan reactions to various musical topics.

Odumodublvck's choice of wording has ignited a firestorm of online discussion. The use of laughing emojis suggests a playful, perhaps even sarcastic, tone. Is this a lighthearted tribute to Akan's power, a playful jab at his critical influence, or something more? Some fans speculate the song might be a comedic diss track, poking fun at Akan's often-serious demeanour. Others believe it could be a genuine homage, with Odumodublvck acknowledging the critic's role in shaping his career.

The music community is awaiting the release of the single, desperate to decipher the true meaning behind the dedication. Will it be a playful diss, a sincere tribute, or something entirely different?