Mr Real calls out D’banj and Mr Eazi over alleged unsettled debts


In the latest episode of the Terms And Conditions podcast, Nigerian singer, Okafor Uchenna Victor, popularly known as Mr Real, has taken to task his colleagues D’banj and Mr Eazi, accusing them of failing to settle alleged debts for his contributions to their respective songs, 'Issa Banger' and 'Overload.'

Mr Real, in his candid revelation, expressed disappointment that both D’banj and Mr Eazi have not responded to his attempts to communicate, stating that they no longer pick up his calls or reply to his messages.

Detailing his grievances, Mr Real claimed, “I have a song with D’banj. I was the one that brought my producer, Cracker, and Slimcase on board, and we made that song ['Issa Banger']. The song blew, and we shot the video with love. I’m not saying I’m being ungrateful for what you’ve done. But give me what is rightly mine. It’s my right."

He further lamented the lack of royalties for Issa Banger, highlighting its usage in various movies, including American films, without corresponding compensation.

Regarding Overload, Mr Real disclosed that there was no formal agreement or contract during its recording with Mr Eazi. He claimed that he didn’t receive anything, emphasising the absence of a split sheet.

Mr Real voiced his discontent, stating, “And the truth is that these people [his colleagues] know what they are doing. The same Mr Eazi called me for another feature with Legendury Beatz. The two features he called me for, I didn’t waste time before sending my vocals to him."

"There is this saying that when you do a favor, you don’t expect them to do something in return. Omo, me I dey expect o. When I do you a favor, I expect you to render the same to me.”

He concluded with a candid perspective, stating, “We also need their kind of money. We want to live the Island life too. You guys should help us. I’m not calling you out for anything but you should know you’re supposed to do this. I know if I message you, you want answer me. If I call D’banj, he no dey pick my call. Mr Eazi no dey pick my call.”