M.I Abaga Accepts Vic.O Rap Battle Challenge


M.I Abaga Accepts Vic.O Rap Battle Challenge

Having carried the rap industry on his shoulders  for over a decade, Jude Abaga popularly referred to as Mr Incredible (M.I) accepted the rapper battle challenge of the rapper, Vic. O.

    Vic.O vs M.I

Vic.O who is known for his self-confidence and always dissing rap songs had once challenged Drake to a rap battle by releasing a diss song but on Monday the 23rd of November 2020, the rapper decided to challenge African rapper number 1, M.I via a tweet which reads:

@MI_Abaga u be ma nigga.... But i challenge u to a #rapbattle
And i will beat you..
Friendship apart..

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While rap enthusiast witnessed what seems to be the biggest joke of the moment when Vic. O tweeted at M.I and challenged the veteran rapper to a rap battle, but to the surprise of many, M.I accepted the challenge and gave VIC.O a condition. M.I tweeted back:

Legend Vic O!!!!! Let’s start with an online battle!!! Tweet bars and I’ll tweet mine..

Apparently, Vic.O meant business and started tweeting rap lines... Here are a few of them: