Ketchup Set To Drop His Debut Album Tagged 'Skilahmatic'

Ketchup 'Skilahmatic'

Ketchup 'Skilahmatic'

Ketchup Set To Drop His Debut Album Tagged 'Skilahmatic'

Afro Dancehall and Reggae sensation, Ketchup is set to release his debut studio album titled “Skilahmatic” on the 25th of October, 2019. The 17 track album is about to set the Afro Dancehall scene ablaze.


'Skilahmatic' is an album that will explore the various multifaceted talent of Ketchup and will establish the Afro Dancehall & Reggae sound he is known and established in.

Ketchup who has given us Pam Pam, Big Daddy & Sweet off the 'Skilahmatic' album is sure ready to thrill his fans when the album is released with his effortless flow and energy.


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Winston Balagare
Winston Balagare
8 months ago

I'm happy to see him take Step 1 in the transformation process of becoming a credible Nigerian star--he cut off the remaining scraps of that raggedy hair.

Now, Step 2 is to stop trying to make dancehall/reggae music--you're not Jamaican, bro!