Focalistic asserts himself as the best rapper in South Africa


In a recent interview, Renowned South Africa Rapper, Lethabo Sebetso also known as Focalistic boldly declared himself as the best rapper in the country.

The assertion, made during a discussion on leading rap talents in Mzansi, has ignited a diverse range of opinions among fans.

The revelation unfolded in a trending video posted on Instagram by @freshmenmagx on Tuesday, December 19, where Focalistic was asked to identify the top rapper in South Africa. Contrary to expectations, the musician confidently asserted that he currently holds the title of the best rapper in the nation. When prompted to name someone other than himself, Focalistic mentioned Kodak Black, giving recognition to fellow artists, Blxckie and Tyla.

However, Focalistic's self-proclamation has not been universally accepted by his fanbase. Many enthusiasts expressed dissenting views in the comments section, arguing that the acclaimed artist does not qualify as the foremost rapper in the country. The statement has ignited an animated online debate, with fans presenting varied perspectives on who truly deserves the coveted title.

Focalistic's assertion has created a substantial buzz within the music community, prompting discussions on the subjective nature of determining the best rapper and inviting fans to critically evaluate the criteria for such a distinction. As the discourse continues, the South African rap landscape awaits how it will respond to Focalistic's bold self-proclamation.