Fans In Awe As Wizkid Affirms His G.O.A.T Title With Live Performance


Undisputedly the greatest of his generation, Nigerian young OG and global star, Wizkid stamped his legacy on greatness with his electrifying live performance in collaboration with YouTube originals.

The hashtag WizKidLiveYT was the toast of the moment and social media went ballistic on Thursday evening, the 19th of November 2020 with a keypad-punching social media ovation for the starboy, Wizkid. Everything about that performance portrayed topnotch quality and excellence from Wizkid’s no stressing aura to the heart-melting vocals from the backups, to the production, colour pallets, sound engineering, lighting, styling, A-list delivery amongst others.

As usual, Wizkid through his music puts Africa as a whole on the frontlines of captivating ingenuity, and Nigerians amongst others are so proud of and for this.

From Twitter let's highlight some selected tweets to further express why the fans are in awe. Top Nigerian music journalist and analyst, Joey Akan tweeted:

A lot of people haven't watched Wizkid live at his special curated shows. This beauty you have seen today is what I have witnessed in countless moshpits, and hugging stages. A Wizkid performance is like fine vintage art. It gets on closer inspection, keeps you glued! Thanks to technology, Wizkid brought everyone close up to the stage and you get a personal and collective sense of his showmanship.

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Lawyer and one of the frontline influencers during the EndSARS campaign, @Mochievous tweeted:

Wizkid played like a cool, calm, collected, and accomplished fellow with nothing to prove to anyone. Really love that vibe. #WizKidLiveYT

Music Enthusiast and Chief Editor of one of the leading music blogs in Nigeria, Notjustok, @OvieO tweeted:

Dis guy just delivered an absolutely superb performance for an hour, then just continued doing normal in his tour bus with his son, as if it's biscuits he went to buy outside.

For every intriguing and successful frontend, there is a genius at the backend and a Twitter user by the handle @Godwilnotwhineu tweeted:

Again, I still can't ignore Jada. P (Wiz Manager) she was managing the kitchen, the crew, the star, her son, and ensuring everything was in fuvkin order.. At any slightest request, she pops up. bro! Women are fucking strong o.

Having watched Wizkid display a no stressing performance with no bad energy but smiles, a Twitter user by the handle @ToyosiGodwin tweeted:

No nagging women can date Wizkid, he will just break up with you and forget about you asap. Did you see the calmness he used to attend to Zion? Ko like stress rara.

And in appreciation of a phenomenal job well done by Wizkid’s backup singer, Nigerian megastar, Simi tweeted:

Omo this back up they sing like it's her that own the track.

Having enjoyed the synergy between the entire production, feminist and top EndSARS influencer, @Fkabudu tweeted

I love it when people in a live band look like they are having the time of their lives inside the music. Look at their faces.

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Watch a glimpse of Wizkid's Live Performance in partnership with YouTube original: