Falz Finally Gets The Chance To Reply People That Made Him Trend On Simi's Wedding Day?

Falz on Mind your business with Simi


On the day Simi got married, Falz was one of the top trenders and that was because some people wouldn't mind their business they had to bring him into it, asking if he was invited to the wedding.


Well, guess who finally got a lyrical response? Falz the Bahd guy!!! Falz has dropped his response about that "amebo moment" on Simi's new record, "Mind your business"

This record is talking to everyone who wouldn't face the issues that they undoubtedly have, rather they prefer to focus on the issues of others. The song highlights the wild interference of other people's lives in this age of social media where we give people the chance to see a part of our lives and they use that part as their dinner chit chat or bedtime stories.

Well done sir, Mr talker  Eku ise Mr wetin no consine you reporter

Simi don marry Adekunle

But why

Was Falz invited

How is that your consine?

Why don't you face your work aunty Uche, you go chook your mouth everywhere like ekute

You dey let sleeping dog lie, shey you know say na curiosity wey kill cat

Leave talk leave amebo, leave chat, face front find business wey you fit start

Take tea, drink that mind your bizwax

Open your ear when you're listening to this track

Na for your ear dem go hear she buy three cars

Or say she just use her mama do rituals

You say Shade don dey reach thirty-two years

But she never still marry make she

This song is a shade to everyone talking about Simi and Falz the Bahd guy and also, it is an attack to anyone who has ever talked about someone for reason, asking that they do better and as Falz said, Leave talk, leave amebo, leave chat, face front find business wey you fit start.



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