“Face Your Country!” Wizkid Blasts President Buhari After Wishing Trump Quick Recovery


Nigerian superstar, Wizkid has expressed his anger towards President Muhammadu Buhari via Twitter on the 4th of October to face his country and deal with the rising uncontrollable issue of Sarz in Nigeria.

Wizkid President buhari

Wizkid and President Muhammadu Buhari

This outburst on Twitter came right after President Buhari paid his condolences to the American President, Donald Trump, who recently announced he has been exposed and infected by COVID-19.

Reacting to that News, President Buhari said;

I wish US President, Donald Trump and his wife, Melania, quick and full recovery from Covid-19.

Reacting t his tweet, Wizkid, who rarely speaks about Nigerian politics or directly attacks its government responded by quoting President Buhari’s tweet, telling him to mind his business here in Nigeria and fix the nation rather than talk about the issues that are supposedly not his business.

He tweeted;

Donald trump is not your business!
Old man! Police/Sarz still killing
Nigerian youth on a daily! Do something!
Nothing concern u for America!
Face your country !!

Wizkid buhari

Wizkid’s tone in this single tweet is how many Nigerians are presently feeling, frustrated at the government but in most cases than none, helpless.