Davido expresses delight as Rihanna declares "Unavailable" the 'Song of the Year'


Nigerian international artist, David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido, has seized the digital spotlight in the wake of global music icon, Rihanna's endorsement of his hit song "Unavailable."

The Barbadian-American singer recently proclaimed the collaboration between Davido and South African artist, Musa Keys as her 'Song of the Year,' setting off a chain reaction of online buzz and media attention.

The recognition from Rihanna has propelled "Unavailable" to the forefront of musical discussions, with fans and industry observers alike celebrating the convergence of talents from Nigeria and South Africa in this chart-topping track. The collaboration's global appeal has transcended borders, bringing diverse audiences together through the infectious beats and creative synergy displayed in the song.

Notably, Rihanna's public display of affection for "Unavailable" at a recent event became a trending topic in the Nigerian media space, further elevating the song's prominence. The footage of Rihanna enthusiastically grooving to the track not only resonated with fans but also underscored the universal appeal of Davido's music.

In response to Rihanna's laudatory remarks, Davido took to his Instastory yesterday, December 20, to express his delight, reposting the video with a heartwarming caption. Referring to Rihanna affectionately as "My Riri," Davido's acknowledgment of the global superstar's support has not only endeared him to fans but also solidified the unity between two influential figures in the international music scene.

Davido Rihanna

The resonance of "Unavailable" in the global music landscape, coupled with Rihanna's endorsement, serves as a testament to the cultural and artistic impact of Davido's work. As the digital sphere continues to buzz with discussions surrounding this musical collaboration, Davido's star power continues to ascend, affirming his position as a formidable force shaping the narrative of contemporary African music on the world stage.