Burna Boy's Twice As Tall To Be Executive Produced By Diddy


Nigerian music superstar Burna Boy yesterday revealed his new album, Twice As Tall, will be released on August 14.

Burna Boy's Twice As Tall To Be Executive Produced By Diddy

Burna Boy set to release fifth album 'Twice As Tall'

Believed by many to be his "post-Grammy nomination" effort, Burna Boy has combined with local and international artistes, and also tapping from a diverse well of top producers such as longtime collaborator LeriQ,  Telz, Jae 5, P2J, etc.

However, the grandest news concerning Twice As Tall might have just been revealed.

Burna Boy enlisted American musician and business mogul Sean Combs, a.k.a. Diddy, as executive producer. This was revealed in a recent feature on The New York Times. Diddy, is most famous for steering the early careers of iconic figures such as the late great Notorious B.I.G. and Mary J. Blige toward pop relevance. “I’m on record that I like; hit records. If they’re not hit records, I don’t like them,” Combs said to the NY Times.

“A lot of times when an artist wants to be coached or pushed to maybe a greater level, that’s where I’ve come in,” he said. “He, as every artist, he wants his music to be heard by the world. He doesn’t care about crossing over. You know, he’s not trying to get hot. He’s not, like, ‘I want to be a big pop star’ — he’s already a star. He wants his music to be heard, his message, his people.”

Much of Twice As Tall was recorded over the lockdown and Diddy said about 80% was done as Burna Boy was very keen on bringing "fresh ears" to the album. He sang the artist's praises, saying, “The thing that I learned about him is the importance of what he’s doing for his nation and representing the people that aren’t really heard globally. Through this album, I think it’s important for Africa to be heard. And so it’s bigger than just an album. He’s not just on a musical artist trip. He’s a revolutionary. His conviction is serious.” 

At this point, we simply can't wait for August 14th.