Blackface bashes Wizkid for calling out President Buhari


Blackface bashes Wizkid for calling out President Buhari and advised him to channel the same energy to create better music.

Blackface and Wizkid

In light of the Endsarz campaign on social media, as celebrities and many Nigerians were lending their voices and demanding accountability and better governance from the government, Backface decided to attack one of the biggest music export in Africa, Wizkid. 

It came as an encouragement to many to witness the Superstar ‘Wizkid’ who hardly discussed politics, to call out President Buhari over a well wish post to President Trump.  Wizkid’s response to President Buhari was to set his priorities straight. In his words:

Donald Trump is not your business old man! Police and Sarz still killing Nigeria youth on a daily! Do something! Nothing concern you for America! Face your country!!

However, Blackface felt a need to give Wizkid a taste of own medicine with a response to channel his focus on music instead of politics. In his words:

Why don't you face music small man? I understand why that is difficult because, it doesn't have any substance #Childrenofnowadays

Many Nigerians took it upon themselves to come for Blackface for his clout chasing.