BBNaija All-Stars 2023: Explosive fights & sizzling kisses rock the first week


As difficult as it may seem to believe, the first week of the BBNaija All-Stars 2023 has been one filled with controversies; here is a list of the biggest highlights so far on the show.

BBNaija All-Stars, which commenced on Sunday, July 23, 2023, has been one full of drama and excitement since the 20 housemates returning to the show were announced. Here is a brief rundown of our five exciting moments on the reality show so far.

Head of the house task, Bros over ......

Big Brother Naija All-Stars
BBNaija 2023 housemate Adekunle

The BBNaija All-Stars head of the house task done on Monday, July 24, 2023, was an eventful one that saw alliances being forged when it came to the housemates that would be put up for eviction. The master of games, Adekunle emerged victorious in a competition that saw housemates participate in a series of games that tested their mental and physical strengths.

Adekunle demonstrated his dominance throughout the game, as he came out tops in most of the challenges. He, however, handed out 4 BFF badges to Soma, Seyi, Frodd and Cross, who, as a result of the badges, are permitted to share the luxurious HOH lounge with him.

Ilebaye shatters the alliance

Ilebaye Tolanibaj Big Brother Naija 2023
Tolanibaj, Ebuka and Ilebaye

A twist many did not see coming early in the house occurred on the night of Monday, July 24, 2023, after the head-of-house games.

Housemates were supposed to nominate and put each other up for eviction, and an alliance which consisted of Ilebaye, Tolanibaj, Princess and others was formed to put Venita up for eviction.

Ilebaye, Tolanibaj, Princess, and others met in a meeting to discuss the housemate they would like to put up for eviction in the first week, and it was collectively agreed that Venita would be the housemate that would be up for eviction from the meeting.

Ilebaye, however, in her meeting with Biggie, opted to call out the name of Tolanibaj instead of Venita, which had initially been agreed on. This sparked an intense debate on social media and led to the reaction of the TV host in a post on his social media platform.

The Alex and CeeC saga continues

Big Brother Naija All-Stars CeeC Alex
CeeC and Alex

Alex and CeeC lived up to the drama expectations lovers of the show had after they had been confirmed as returning housemates to the Big Brother Naija All-Stars 2023.

A fallout occurred on Wednesday, July 26, 2023, during the assigned task for all members. The housemates were challenged by Big Brother to create a movie, and Alex was selected to be the director. However, during the task, Alex accused Cee-C of not fully participating. Cee-C responded by pointing out that Alex did not provide her with the necessary materials to contribute effectively.

During a conversation, Cee-C mentioned that she preferred working with Seyi over Alex, citing better chemistry and energy between them. Alex was upset by this decision and expressed that they were friends outside of the house. She believed it was unfair for Cee-C to treat her that way.

Alex was surprised by Cee-C's unexpected change in behaviour and encouraged her to move past any previous animosity that may have existed between them five years ago. However, Cee-C became angry and responded with harsh words, accusing Alex of being manipulative and crazy and making it clear that she had no intention of collaborating with her in the future.

Neo and Uriel keep the Saturday night party hot

The Big Brother Naija All-Stars house, experienced a surge of excitement when Uriel and Neo unexpectedly shared a passionate kiss during the first Saturday party. The chemistry between the two housemates was evident as they danced intimately throughout the night.

The chemistry between two housemates was obvious as they danced closely all night at a party. Afterwards, Uriel and Neo had a private conversation where they both expressed mutual attraction. Uriel playfully flirted with Neo, and it seemed like they had a connection.

However, the following morning, Uriel expressed feelings of regret regarding the kiss with Neo, leaving everyone puzzled about the sudden change of heart. The exact reason for her regret remains unclear, considering the apparent mutual interest and willingness from both parties leading up to the kiss.

Adding to the mystery, Uriel mentioned during the party that her friends had imposed a three-month alcohol ban on her. This raises the possibility that the kiss might have occurred under the influence of alcohol, leading Uriel to question her actions when sober.

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New BBNaija Eviction Twist

BBNaija Update Ebuka Reveals Truth about Fake Eviction Watch Video NotjustOK
BBNaija host Ebuka

A new approach toward the eviction of housemates in the Big Brother Naija All-Stars edition was confirmed on Sunday, July 30, 2023, by the reality show host Ebuka where he revealed that a jury would be introduced to determine who gets to stay and who would be evicted in the house.

He revealed, "Starting next week, we will have judges on this show, a jury from Big Brother composed of ex-Big Brother housemates. Biggie has informed me that a jury made up of these housemates will be here live every Sunday for eviction moving forward. I will present them with the bottom housemates based on the votes and the jury must deliberate, vote and decide on who should be evicted. The black envelope is a physical black envelope with a note that is hidden in the house and the housemates have to find it within 15mins. If the content of the envelope says you have immunity, then that housemate is safe. This happens every Monday going forward right after the head-of-house game. After the regular head-of-house game and black envelope game, Housemates will have the opportunity to sell themselves to each other, and then go into the diary room and pardon one housemate. This replaces the usual nomination show, instead of going into the diary room to nominate who you want to see leave the house, you will nominate someone you think need to see stay in the house.”

All eyes are however on week two to see how the events would unfold.

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