Olamide's New Album Title: What is the meaning of 'UY Scuti'?

Music meets Astronomy when an artist like Olamide sends his fans on a quick Google search, querying "What does UY Scuti mean?" or "What is the Meaning of UY Scuti?". It's quite a big deal, which shows the level of the thought process behind the frame of his new forthcoming Album, UY Scuti.

Olamide - Rock

UY Scuti Album Cover

Popular Rap star, Olamide has announced the coming of his 9th album. He has released the name, ‘UY Scuti‘, an album artwork, and release date. Recall that since his debut album in 2011, Olamide has been dropping a personal album every year except in the year 2019, which led to him releasing two projects in 2020 - the ‘999‘ EP, and the reigning ‘Carpe Diem‘.

Soon as Olamide revealed the album's dub, ‘UY Scuti‘, fans were bewildered by it.  Below is the meaning of UY Scuti and how it links to Olamide.

What is the meaning of UY Scuti?

UY Scuti is a star. Yes! that's right. UY Scuti is, by far, the largest star yet discovered. It has a diameter of nearly 1.8 billion miles. In some findings, UY Scuti has been reported to be 1700 times bigger than the sun. According to Mona Evans, Masters holder in Astronomy, Swinburne University of Technology, UY Scuti is in the constellation Scutum (the shield). There are different constellations but, let's not bore you with these astronomical jargons, The astrologer or a geography enthusiast can read more on that.

Olamide, The UY Scuti of Nigerian Music Industry

Staying true to his promise on the track titled 'Confession' where he said:

I fell off after my first album now am back again. I no go let dem gimme first attack again 

Safe to say that Baddo has achieved a lot in the last decade. He has dropped an album every year since 2011, crossing out 2019 of course, and he has released collabo projects like ‘2 Kings‘ with Phyno and the ‘YBNL Mafia‘ album with artistes signed under the YBNL Label. All-together, that’s a dozen projects in a decade years when UY Scuti is released!

He has simply 'Make us Proud', and was why he said

Ema doubt ambition mi, mo n para, mo n vex, ma carry ambition mi, ma make sure pe eni so mii” 

The Dub 'UY Scuti' is nothing but a self Eulogy praising how huge he, Olamide, has grown over the years. I mean, who in the Nigerian Music Industry, has had such a run within the last decade? Please, we are open to correction. And If anyone asks you "What does UY Scuti on Olamide Album mean?" or "what the Meaning of UY Scuti is?" you should be able to give a response based on this opinion.

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