Finesse2tymes & Kevin Gates - CEO Lyrics


Finesse2tymes & Kevin Gates - CEO Lyrics

Finesse2tymes and Kevin Gates Lyrics

Read the official lyrics to "CEO" by Finesse2tymes featuring Kevin Gates, this song serves as the second track on Finesse2tymes' new album, 90 Days Later. CEO was produced by DJ XO.

Finesse2tymes & Kevin Gates - CEO Lyrics
90 Days Later Album Cover

Finesse2tymes & Kevin Gates - CEO Lyrics

Intro: Finesse2Tymes
Two of 'em
(XO think he all that)

Verse 1: Finesse2Tymes
Didn't nobody root for me
Now they reposting me
Bad bitches open the door for me (Chauffer me)
Talkin' 'bout a couple hundred thousand dollars
I'm cool bruh-bruh, that's too low for me
If you fuck with the opps, stop approaching me
Big AO-19 gon' go for me
Hundred K on my neck and it's soaking me
CEO I ain't got no nigga over me
Mane, these rap niggas groupies, I'm cool on 'em
We catch 'em in public, we move on 'em
Money poke out my thigh, leave a bruise on 'em
Man, them AR-15's got boobs on em
Word in the streets, thеy got money on me
But if I want a nigga, I'm coming, homie
Mac 90 on mе a hundred, homie
And if 12 get on me, I'm punching homie
I'm shooting first, it ain't no second guessing
Thirty-two shots gone in thirty-two seconds
I'm pulling up if I feel disrespected
You stupid as fuck talking 'bout snatching my necklace
Die 'bout my reputation
Mane, these nigga keep me in they conversations
Won't even tell me "Congratulations"
I don't fuck with nobody, I'm masturbating
They say that got killers, but so what?
It's gon' be me or them, I give no fucks
I come to your city and go to your hood with fifty Vice Lords and post up
Now, this ain't no publicity stunt
We pull up and unload sticks out the trunk
I can't fuck with niggas for nothing
I don't celebrate Black History Month
I'm going straight in, like fuck a hook
Sweatsuit and some Forces like fuck a look
I'm fed for real, free Keon
Shout out CMG, I looked up to Jook
And I don't need no nigga vouching for me
If its war then its war, I ain't squashing nothing
My lil' niggas on go, I ain't stopping nothing
Mini Drac' on my hip give me charlie horses
I was locked up, they threw shots at me
Now I'm free and they wanna send cops at me
I'm a Vice Lord with boss status
Got 'em up on they feet like a pep rally
I was fucked up how they felt 'bout me
Kicked me while I was down, I kept at it
Now I cop ice like a meth addict
Yeah, I'm hard on niggas like step daddies, he my stepson

Verse 2: Kevin Gates
Bread winner don
Flip from a zip off a crumb
Tommy controlling the slums
Housing authority
Pack up and moving so much till we don't even know where we from
Broke as a joke
We shared each other's hoes
We wearing each other's clothes
Stood over stoves, stood over toilets
They cut off the water and kick in the door
Get on the floor
Brought it back out and I ran it back up and I ordered a load
Christian Dior, I pre-order my clothes
Posted in Florida, I'm still on the go
Finesse said that he need to get in my face
I put on that water and got on the road
Blackballed, backstabbed, fell on my face helping niggas, got kicked in my ass
People I trusted ran off with money
Told my ho fuck her, and got in my bag
A lot of these orders, fail to mention
They love how I'm rocking, they copy my swag
Windshielding bricks, redistributing glass
Trapped in the trenches, I'm selling Hermes
Ancient syringes, we cut on the blender
And hit with the fender, I'm still in the trap
Big booty bitch, punching dick in her back
Shit done got lit, I'ma stay on the gas
Don't do no arguments, going straight in
You get outta line, I'ma get on yo' ass
Park break, car parked, hmm
Yellow tape, chalk marks, hmm
Binary issue, regular artillery
Hop out with swtiches on top of the trigger
How do you cope when you know that you special
But everyone 'round you wan' play on your mental?
Shit get depressing, you know you a vet'
And you don't get no credit but know you official
Take all the pain and strain, I remember
Days I don't do no complaining, I'm flexing
Take all this this away from me, one in the chamber
Bet I still know when I was standing in the kitchen

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