Material Elegbeje-ado - Da Undisputed (MixTape)


Here is Material's 'Da Undisputed' MixTape Vol1 which is packed with some very sweet tunes. This 10 track mixtape is primarily filled with songs that contain mostly Yoruba lyrics delivered with very catchy flows and in an enjoyable format.

Go ahead and download the mixtape and share your thoughts. The Yoruba is dee!


Da Undisputed freestyle (Wow! Fiya Yoruba Rhymes... Please Just Listen)

[audio:|titles=Da Undisputed freestyle]


Read about Material

Material Elegbeje-ado (Olusola Ogunrinde) hails from Osun state but was born in Ibadan, Oyo state in Nigeria. As a young boy he had a strong passion for music and listened to lyrics that conveyed energy. His musical influences are a mixture of both western and indigenous songs and he soon found his love for music would be transformed into a rare talent as it metamorphosed through the years. He attended Baptist Academy, Obanikoro, Lagos and while in high school he was quite outspoken and a brilliant scholar but had conflicting personality due to his love for music. His dream was to graduate from a good university and join the secular world but the gift of music became a thorn in his flesh. In his words ‘...a gift could be a curse, i could never fathom why i had sleepless nights because i was having strings of lyrics in my head instead of remembering what i read in my chemistry textbook’. During that period he recorded home-made demos in the corner of his room, using two tape recorders, one to record and the other to play the instrumentals.
He gained admission into University of Lagos Akoka, to study computer science and in his first year, performed at a show in Amina hall, which was applauded by a standing ovation. Subsequently, he teamed up with another prolific rapper called Will-dada to form a group known as 2tim3, a name which is more of an acronym of 2nd Timothy chapter 3. According to him ‘...that was when i realized i was lyrically inclined and i had a gift beyond what i could possibly imagine. I was a song writer, though I wanted to be behind the scene, it was obviously very difficult. My friends nick named me Material in my first year as a freshman, the dictionary defines Material as something of substantial import, and I guess I was that important’
In his final year he performed at a rap contest organized by the then student union social secretary in New Hall complex with Will-dada and won. He continued recording various demos but this time he had gone one notch up by recording with DJ Shina.
After graduating, he stepped into the studio and recorded the debut single ‘Third floor’ featuring Will-dada and Qpidfyne, produced by OJB jezereel and it was a smasher. He recorded a few more tracks and abandoned music to pursue secular employment.
‘Yes, I got a job, working 9am to 5pm with a tie around my neck and sitting behind a desk, but deep inside I knew I was born was to do something else, I could not cope’. During those years he re-branded himself and subsequently traveled to United kingdom in search of greener pastures.
In the U.K, his music career blossomed. He worked with various producers, the likes of Da’General ‘Shot callers Inc’ and Olly Jay ‘Rhymez Record’. His official single ‘Don’t try me’ was recorded in 2009 and he shot a music video thereafter, ever since his name has spread like wildfire even without any form of formal promotion. Set to take the Nigerian music industry by storm and make his debut after decades of hibernation, he drops a mixtape titled ‘Da Undisputed’ Vol 1 on August 15th 2010. When asked why he choose to go by the name ‘elegbeje ado’ he responded ‘I am a versatile artist...and can use English and Yoruba proficiently and the same level, quite a lot of people have not realized that yet, they think i only speak Yoruba, that is why the first track ‘Oro isiti’ showcases my versatility because i used English and Yoruba on a different level. Elegbeje-ado is a Yoruba word that could be translated as a man with a lot of charms, I am using it metaphorically to mean a man with a lot of talent’.
Yes, a talented man who knows his stuff, confident, knowledgeable and educated, controversial? His mixtape will tell, music critics have tagged it ‘one of the best track compilation in a long while’

Yes...its Material Elegbeje-ado.