World Premiere: Eva - Relentless + Give It To Me


If there's any female rapper who can shackle the monopoly of Nigerian Hip Hop by the males, it has to be EVA!

If you've been with us long enough, you'll see that her catalogue of tough joints is one to envy. Her barz, hook, beat choice, all on point. And she's proved, over time, that she can kick it with the best of them (See "Owo Ati Swagga Remix" and "I No Send You" collabos).

"Relentless" is her brand new mixtape single, produced by T.K (who's a sick beatmaker, btw), which should be hitting all major radio stations very soon. "Give It To Me" is the 2nd half of the double-drop. There's no set date for the mixtape release yet, but be rest assured we'll keep you guys posted.

For fear of overdoing it, I'll let you guys listen and share your own thoughts...


Ovie's Picks:

"I'm jogging out the words and i'm running outta breath"
"I'm in a new frame of mind now, you still don't get the picture"
"People read my verses, study it like the scriptures | they say i got class but i missed all my lectures"

Eva - Relentless (Produced by T.K) - Also Premiered on Rhythm 93.7 FM today!

[audio:|titles=Eva - Relentless (NJO)]

Eva - Give It To Me
[audio:|titles=give it 2 me]