#WCW: 5 Things You Should Know About Wizkid's Manager, Jada Pollock


Jada Pollock has become a household name in the Nigerian music industry, which is why we highlighted the top five things, aside from being Wizkid's manager, that you probably didn't know about her.

Jada Pollock Wizkid Manager
Jada Pollock

The immeasurable success of Wizkid in the international music scene can be attributed to his immersive music talent, but it is also important to note that there is someone who has to keep things running behind the scenes as the manager, and this is who Japa Pollock is.

The business entrepreneur, Jada Pollock, is a well-known name in the entertainment and sports industry. Aside from Wizkid, she has worked with notable names in the entertainment and sports industry. The talented manager has done more than just manage Wizkid; she has been very active in the business management scene but under a different name and brand.

Here are the top five things you did not know about Jada Pollock

Previously known as Jada Styles

Before she became Jada Pollock, the business mogul had a brand company called "Envy Lifestyle" that catered to premier league footballers before partnering with the former Chelsea FC star, Didier Drogba, to kick off her boutique and fashion business full-time under the name of Jada Styles. 

The brand manager still has her business under the name of Jada Styles, even though she changed her name.

Managed Top Celebrities

Jada has been an active brand manager in the music industry. She is highly regarded as one of the top image consultants in the entertainment industry, having managed artists like Akon, Chris Brown, Pia Mia, and so on. She was greatly named as an integral part of Pia Mia's career success as an artist.

Creative & Innovative

Jada's passion for music can be seen in the way she actively pushes music to the world. In her interview with Billboard, she said that the album Made in Lagos is purely good music. Innovations like "Day in the live" live stream on YouTube were a result of her and the effort of Starboy's team to get creative. When asked in her billboard interview, "why do you feel that this song (essence) in particular was the one that broke through for him( wizkid )."
Jada responded, "music is so personal, and the more you make music people can relate to, the bigger the push."

Almuna at the University of Westminster

Aside from attending St. Saviours and St. Olaves schools, Jada is a graduate of the prestigious University of Westminister in London, England. 

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Executive of the Week

She was named the Billboard Executive of the Week on September 11, 2021, following the immense success of Wizkid's "Made in Lagos." Her contribution behind the scenes was highly acknowledged and praised.

Jada Pollock has shown herself as a business and image expert that is focused and driven by getting results, which have been consistent over the years.

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