Omah Lay's social media makeover unveils the ties between his mood board and musical palette


As hard as it may seem to believe, Omah Lay's recent layout change on social media is very important in the direction the singer's music will take in the year 2024.

The multiple award-winning singer took us on a rollercoaster journey with his debut album Boy Alone, released in 2022, and the Deluxe version of the project, released in 2023, during the period of this release the singer maintained a predominant colour of purple.

Boy Alone Deluxe Edition Album Cover
Boy Alone Deluxe Edition Album Cover

It may seem like nothing or the aesthetic direction of Omah Lay's craft to many but for people who pay close attention to details like ourselves, the colour purple for a singer like Omah Lay who opened up about his struggles with depression as well as one whose lyrics point in the direction of his struggles and his attempts to escape from reality with societal vices, is highly symbolic.

There are different representations for the colour Purple itself but we believe the representation Omah Lay and his team opted for leans heavily towards spirituality, fantasy and mystery. These three themes were emphasized openly through the singer's lyrics and album arrangement.

Why is Omah Lay changing his layout to yellow important?

Omah Lay social media change
Omah Lay's recent update on social media

When asked in 2023 what to expect from him in the coming years, Omah Lay spoke about how he is in a better place now and fans should expect to hear this in his songs. The layout change from purple to yellow which happened on Tuesday, January 9, 2024, points in the direction that we are indeed going to get a happy Omah Lay who is at peace with himself and his craft.

Yellow symbolizes optimism, energy, joy, happiness and friendship according to research and we believe this is where Omah Lay is at the moment.

Afrobeats is taking on a new dimension with artists focused on creating themes and concepts for their projects that might be missed by the ordinary eye, recently Wizkid adopted a new style to his promotion of his EP Soundman 2 (S2) with Rema also going back to his homeland with the concept of his recent EP Ravage as well. To say Afrobeats is slowly becoming a genre for intellectuals is no understatement as music remains evergreen for its value and relevance.

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