Rema responds to talks of his new EP art symbolizing illuminati


Rema has directly addressed talks on social media associating his new project scheduled for release in 2023 to the rumoured occult group illuminati.

Following an unexpected announcement of the release of his second project of 2023 titled DND - Ravage by Rema, fans took to social media to react to the EP announcement which had been inform of a video.

While there have been numerous speculations and theories surrounding the upcoming EP, scheduled to release on Friday, October 27, 2023, one theory that particularly caught the singer's attention is the suggestion of a connection between the project and the rumored occult group, The Illuminati. In response to this comparison, the singer addressed the topic via his social media platform to clarify his concept.

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Rema advised his fans from his debut days to enlighten those who recently showed interest in his music that the bat concept had been something associated with him from his debut days as a result of its symbolism and how it represents where he's from.

He also emphasized that he has worked too hard for many to be attributing his project to that of an occult group.

Rema EP
A screenshot from the video of Rema's EP
Rema EP
Rema's comment on his Instagram story