The 10 Hottest Artists In Nigeria #TheList2016: #5 – Kiss Daniel


The 10 Hottest Artists in Nigeria #TheList2016 takes into account the hottest names in Nigerian music from the tail-end of 2015 till date. For the rest of the week, we’ll systematically reveal all 10 names on #TheList2016.

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5. Kiss Daniel

Kiss Daniel's career so far can be summarized in four words: "less hype, more music". You don't see him on the red carpet, you don't see him making fans laugh on social media, he's not popping bottles in the club every weekend, or showing off his latest expensive car, house or jewelry. He just sits back, makes great music, releases it, tops the charts, then heads back to the studio to make more hits. You could call him the Paul Scholes of Nigerian music; not hugging the headlines, just quietly but extremely effective. That's what makes Kiss Daniel unique and special.

Kiss Daniel's Mama currently holds the record of being the Most Downloaded Song on with 1.7 MILLION downloads, and counting! This, coupled with the fact that the song sat on the PlayData RadioTopTen Charts from April till date (#1 for several weeks), makes "Mama" a strong contender for Hottest Song of the Year, as reflected in its nomination in the "Best Pop Single" category at the upcoming Headies.

2016 also saw the release of Kiss Daniel's debut album "New Era", an LP rated by most critics among the Top 3 projects released in the Nigerian market this year (rated 8/10 here on NJO). Hit songs on "New Era" include the previously-released "Woju", "Laye" as well as more recent hits like "Mama", "Good Time" and the currently charting single "Jombo".

For these musically-driven reasons stated above, Kiss Daniel climbs up from #7 on #TheList in 2015 to #5 on #TheList2016!


The 10 Hottest Artists In Nigeria #TheList2016: #5 – Kiss Daniel