Ramadan Mubarak! Here Are 6 Acts to Abstain from in Relation to Nigerian Songs


For some, the appearance of the new crescent moon is yet one of those beautiful things about nature, but for Muslims everywhere it signifies the beginning of what is known as the holiest month in Islam, Ramadan. It is believed to be the period during which the Holy Quran was given to the prophet Muhammad and so for Muslims, the world over, the sighting of the mood heralds a period of utmost consecration not just where food is concerned but for their thoughts and actions as well. To commiserate with our Muslim brothers and sisters and make sure that 'Ramadan Mubarak' is more than a saying, we made a list of acts to avoid and abstain from as they are in relation to Nigerian songs:


1. No More Soapy

Soapy, as popularised by street-hop singer and rapper, Naira Marley simply means masturbation. This is a sin in Islam and during the Holy Month should be avoided as abstinence from sexual activity that isn’t between married couples is a no-no during the Holy Month. 

2. No more watching booties bounce this Ramadan

With the period of Ramadan comes the cautionary saying to ‘lower your gaze' and also to 'purify your intentions.’ These phrases are important where and when booties you have no business watching are concerned. So unlike Rema who was on a rampage for bouncing booties on his hit song Bounce, this Ramadan is a time to embark on a journey of holiness instead. 

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3. No more ‘Henessy in the body’

Well all know that liquor is haram in Islam, well during the Holy Month of Ramadan, it’s even doubly so. So ensure that this Ramadan, you ensure that liquor is included in the list of things you avoid and you do not go the way of Davido where he sang on Like Dat saying ‘Hennessy ti wo body’ as the only acceptable thing to be consumed in such a period are meals for when the fast is being broken as well as words of upliftment. 

4. No pre-marital sex that makes you go ‘Ye ye ye’ like Omah Lay

Scientists have made it known that despite being an activity from which pleasure may be derived, sex is also an energy-consuming activity. Well now it’s Ramadan and Allah would rather you convert that energy into consecrating yourself and worshipping him for pleasures beyond the bodily realm. As a result, it is advised you do away with any thoughts and actions which will sap your energy and holiness as you go ‘ye ye ye’ like Omah Lay in his explicit song, thus titled, about sex. 

5. Ramadan Mubarak and goodbye wrapped shawarma

Shawarma, the Lebanese cuisine which has fast become a street delicacy here, is the title of a rap song by Mojo who wittingly used the word to represent marijuana. Since Ramadan is a period of fasting and consecration, it’s safe to say that if any of these wrapped substances should be indulged in, it should very well be far from the sort which is inhaled. 

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6. No willful actions like Zinoleesky’s advice on Kilofeshe

Kilofeshe by Zinoleesky is a catchy record and a general favourite that was one of the biggest songs of the latter end of the previous year. But the song advises and advocates for the listener to do however they please and this goes against the core belief of Ramadan whereby personal desires and pleasures are to take a backseat. 

So this holy period, you might want to have a rethink on doing as you please as the lines of the song say and rather, listen to the words of the Holy Quran which is the reason for the season. 

Ramadan Mubarak to all Muslims from Notjustok, we hope this list of Nigerian songs in relation with things to avoid during the period helps in your journey of consecration. And we pray Allah grants you the will to consecrate yourself fully and by so doing, grants your heart desires.