5 Popular slangs by Nigerian artists


Did you know these slangs were popularised by Nigerian artists?

Nigerian musical artists are the steering wheel of Nigerian pop culture. Their appearance, manner of speaking, and beliefs tend to influence the youth and shape popular social culture.

This is not unique to musical stars. Some celebrities in different fields also hold sway over popular culture. However, Nigerian musicians have a monopoly on how they shape pop culture. A great example of this is how they popularise slangs and phrases among their fans.

In the history of Nigerian music, there have been many slangs that have become popular. This is thanks to the artists who made them up or made them popular. Here are five of the hottest slangs that have rocked the internet in the last few years

  1. ‘You go explain tire, no evidence’- Burna Boy 

This is the most recent slang on this list. It all started earlier in August 2023, when on an Instagram live video with his fans, Burna Boy was talking about success as evidence of working hard. Fans loved the phrase so much, they started using it.
Simply put, it means, ‘You go explain tire’ – You’ll keep having to explain yourself.

“No evidence” – There’s no proof of what you’re claiming.

So, If you don’t have results, you’ll be stuck explaining your efforts over and over

  1. E choke- Davido

This popular slang was coined by the O. B. O. Himself, Davido. ‘E Choke’ literally means ‘it's choking’ or ‘suffocating’. It is usually used as a positive exclamation for something really impressive, special or delightful.

Ex sentence: Did you see how many diamonds are on Davido’s necklace? E choke!

  1. Zagadat- Mr Eazi
Mr Eazi
Mr Eazi

This slang with Jamaican roots that has been revamped by Ghanaian youth was popularised by Mr Eazi. The phrase means ‘confirmed’, ‘correct’, or ‘Roger that’.

Ex sentence: Can you please pass the salt?


  1. KPK/OPP- Rexxie
Rexxie 'Abracadabra' Billboard Chart

This popular slang originated from a song of the same name by Rexxie featuring Mohbad. The first lines of the song are‘Ta lo so pe ko po ke? OPP, o po pa. OPG, o po gan’

The literal meaning of these lines is, “Who says it’s not plenty? It's very plenty, it's very plenty’. This slang has now been used to express when something is in great amounts 

Ex sentence: Look how pretty I am! OPG

  1. Ma Fo- Naira Marley
Nigerian singer and rapper
Naira Marley

The latest NDLEA ambassador, Naira Marley, is famous for making this slang popular. The phrase  ‘Ma Fo’ is a Yoruba phrase that literally means “don’t break’. In context, however, it means ‘Don’t be intimidated’ or ‘Stay strong’.

Ex sentence: Don’t worry, your results will be okay, ma of!