Interview: Wizkid reveals he turned down collaborations for ‘Made In Lagos’ album


Nigerian multi award-winning star, Ayo ‘Wizkid’ Balogun told ‘The Beat London’ that he had to turn down a number of collaborations for ‘Made In Lagos’ album.

Wizkid’s interview

Wizkid was spotted in a video interview with D boy Dayo and Marsour Bellow on ‘The Beat London 106.3fm’ to talk about his upcoming album. When asked about the album, Wizkid said:

Made in Lagos’ has been 3 years coming and I'm just excited that I'm putting this out cause it's like... The title of the album is self-explanatory, I'm made in Lagos, that's where I'm from, that's what I represent, it runs in my blood and I never run away from that. I live, breathe that place mehn because I love that place, that place made me who I'm today.

Starboy’ as he is also referred to, further expressed his intentions for this particular album, in his words:

I just really wanted to tell a dope story, that Yo! this is where I'm from, this is where I represent, that no matter the success, no matter how far we go, this is what it is. We make amazing music, we make amazing art and so with this album, I want to make amazing music. Just really music, I wasn't trying to make anything for radio or for like the clubs or anything. I'm just making real music, just showing my strength. As human beings, we grow and evolve in life, this album is another step for me, taking another step in my music career like this is what I can do and this is where we taking it too. So it was very important telling that story. I worked with a lot of creatives from Nigeria, for my videos, my photoshoots like to everything. Like there's so much talent there though the government is sh*t yeah but there's still so much magic that comes out of that place, so I'm just trying to tell that story to the best way that I can.

Wizkid was asked how he treated the collaborations on this album and how he was able to turndown some collaborations for this album. In his words:

I feel bad, I kinda broke a lot of relationships with this album, you know, guys, it is love forever, it's nothing personal, we just making music. They know that every artiste I ever worked with like, before I even work with any artiste, we are on a wave, we are on an understanding, I work with normal people. I hate hype artiste, I like it normal. So when we work and I'm like yo, this is a dope record but its not going to be on this album but on the next one, like we get it, we keep it real at all times. I wasn't the one picking, I was making music and whatever feels great, we put it on the body of the work.

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