Fan Affairs with Blaqbonez: "My First Soldout Show Showed Me It Wasn't Just the Internet"


It is every musician’s dream for their music to be well-received by listeners and by so doing, help establish a connection between them whereby the listener becomes a fan of the artiste, giving them their full support whenever it is required be it for new releases, concert shows, brand endorsements or a clash with another musician. Notjustok’s Fan Affairs is a fun series that examines the relationship of Nigerian musicians and their fans while spotlighting the craziest fan moments of our favourite stars.


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In this edition of Fan Affairs, we speak to the Sex Over Love campaigner and creator, Blaqbonez, who is a Nigerian music fan-favourite, to get the squeeze on how his fans have been showing him love.

Fan Affairs Blaqbonez

When did it first hit you that you had fans?

This was after my first soldout show and seeing people come out for me like that just made me realise it wasn't just the internet because people used to always talk about how “They only like you on the internet, there are no real fans that'll come out to your shows.” That was when I knew.

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My show was sold out, everybody singing my song word for word. It was amazing. 

What are some things you no longer do or some places you no longer frequent after this happened?

Omo, I try to not let anything affect my day-to-day life, the things that I love doing, I still do them. I don't care if I'm popular, I still do what I want to do and eat where I want to eat. 

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Fan Affairs with Blaqbonez: What is the craziest or most memorable thing a fan has ever done to get your attention?

There was this time that a producer was going to my label office just hoping that he would see me randomly and play me some beats. That was crazy because what are the chances he'd have seen me on the particular days he came?

This was sometime last year, I listened to his beats and we connected. 

If you were going to have a fan moment, what celebrity do you think would leave you starstruck?

Probably Wizkid or Drake. Those two guys are my biggest inspirations so if I see either one it's going to be crazy. 

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