Fan Affairs with Tomi Thomas: 'I kissed My Fan Back'


It is every musician’s dream for their music to be well-received by listeners and by so doing, help establish a connection between them whereby the listener becomes a fan of the artiste, giving them their full support whenever it is required be it for new releases, concert shows, brand endorsements or a clash with another musician. Notjustok’s Fan Affairs is a fun series that examines the relationship of Nigerian musicians and their fans while spotlighting the craziest fan moments of our favourite stars. 

In this edition of Fan Affairs, we speak to the electrifying soul-hitting singer, Tomi Thomas, and one of four of LOS music group, who very recently serenaded the airwaves with his Hopeless Romantic EP, to hear about his fan experiences.

Fan Affairs Tomi Thomas

When did it first hit you that you had fans?

My mom is my biggest fan so she always let me know that she's my number one fan. But fans as in the world, was people coming up to me in the middle of the streets and going “Hey you're Tomi Thomas, I love your music, you're amazing.”

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And walking round Dubai back in 2012/13 and people getting familiar with my song on the radio. Just people interacting with my music overall is really cool.

What are some things you no longer do or some places you no longer frequent after this happened?

I still go everywhere. The craziest place to go would have been the mall back here in Lagos or those kinds of places. But right now, it's more about just keeping my cool and exchanging energy with anyone who's just giving off good energy. 

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Fan Affairs with Tomi Thomas: What is the craziest or most memorable thing a fan has ever done to get your attention?

It was a couple of years ago. She made a song for me and sang it to me about how much she loves me and my music. I kissed her back-- what was I going to do? It was a pure moment, we laughed about it. I told the fans to give her a round of applause and it was just good energy. 

If you were going to have a fan moment, what celebrity do you think would leave you starstruck?

If I was going to have a fan moment, it would definitely be for Maroon 5, Adam Levine or Sade Adu, Damian Marley or Buju Banton. I'd go crazy cause those are legends and amazing artistes. 

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