Here's Everything We Know About the 'Warisi' Trend


If there’s one thing the internet has proved time and time again, is that it remains undefeated, flipping incidents big and small into interactions that become trends and trends into slangs, public figures or concepts that become a part of pop culture. This is the story of the DJ YK-engineered Warisi Cruise Beat song mix that has recently blown up into a trending sound and has also become a meme on the internet. 

Warisi Trend

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Rising into a trend via the song mix, it had blown up suddenly and had left many people confused and curious about the origin of the trend, If you’ve also been curious about the origin of the Warisi mix and trend, here’s all that we know about it: 

What is the origin of the Warisi trend and why is it so popular? 

On the 17th of January, 2022, an Instagram meme page, @thatblackbwoyy, posted a video of a young man dancing with illuminated shoes while a voice not captured in the video, hyped him up in the most energetic and hilarious way, improvising with his name as he went and adding ad-libs as well with the hype. The energy in the video had been contagious and also hysterical and soon after, popular Instagram blog page, Yabaleftonline had posted it as well, serving to amplify the reach of the video. 

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All of this coverage then pushed the video into the shores of Twitter where it became a full-on trend. A few days later, popular record and dance beats producer, DJ YK, refixed the audio from the video and spun the hype from Warisi’s friend into the Warisi Cruise Beat that is now making rounds on the internet as well as in real life. Made doubly contagious with the uptempo dance beats, Nigerian megastar Davido could also not resist the trend, hopping on it by using the audio on his Instagram stories and even humourously addressing a friend in a video as ‘Warisi.’ 

DJ YK Warisi Cruise Beat

The actual story behind the Warisi video

While we all enjoy the fun and cheer-filled video, several lovers of the video were also curious about the identity of Warisi’s hypeman who has now become the benchmark on how to cheer a friend on. This detail regarding the Warisi video was soon revealed when a certain @Tobi_Biigest on Instagram made a post sharing that he was the hypeman urging Warisi on, ergo, the one behind the voice looped on the now viral dance beat. According to Tobi, the video was made as far back as 2019 with his brothers serving as backup hypemen for Warisi who had danced into the night. He said “Quick story; The video was made in 2019, Warris is an happy alfa who joined I and my brothers table to catch cruise. Late at night we started hyping Warisii and he danced for a very long time till his fellow alfas left him behind. I was the lead hyper (if there's anything like that). My brothers were the backup hypemen. So yeah na me hype Warisi.”

Tobi, ever Warisi's hypeman and supporter, has also mentioned that Warisi is now on Instagram as @Lahwalabdul, and fans and lovers of the video have began to also show the trending alfa love on the app.

Warisi trend

While the song continues to trend, Warisi himself seems to be enjoying his moment of fame and we can only watch as the video takes shape in different ways, hoping to have a friend like Warisi’s.