Davido's "Blow My Mind" Is The Right Appetizer For His Upcoming Album


My anticipation for Davido’s single Blow My Mind (featuring Chris Brown) hit the rocks when Burna Boy released his highly-anticipated album African Giant. Although Davido was actively and aggressively promoting the single even before its release, Burna Boy easily took up all the spotlight. He was trending on social media and his numbers were going up. One would have expected Davido to slow down but the Fall singer wasn’t ready to hold back. But guess what? Blow My Mind is doing massive numbers and is the current topic of discussion as the visuals dropped yesterday.

Davido's "Blow My Mind" Is The Right Appetizer To His Upcoming Album

Davido's "Blow My Mind" Is The Right Appetizer To His Upcoming Album

Afrobeats has reached a stage where the westerners are becoming more aware of it. Surely, this didn’t happen overnight. So, when Davido announced that he would be collaborating with Chris Brown on a song, it was refreshing. I have always looked forward to Davido featuring either Chris Brown or Drake. Since Fall started penetrating the US market, the Nigerian singer has been scheming to break fully into the market. It’s a gradual process and Davido is taking one step at a time. He has been in the studio with other international artists as well. Also, he’s been on a press run in the US, heavily pushing himself and his music.

Something I find interesting about this collaboration is how involved Chris Brown is. The Back To Sleep hitmaker appears to be excited about the collaboration and is effortfully promoting it on social media. The song was officially released on July 26 and the music video was released on July 30. The video is crisp and pleasant to the eye. It’s awesome, if not overwhelming, seeing Davido and Chris Brown together in the music video, with the US singer dancing to the song. The video already has more than 1.5 million views.

The timing for the single is immaculate. Chris Brown is having what appears to be the best time of his life. As his most recent album Indigo is enjoying airplay, he released the visuals for No Guidance (featuring Drake). The music video is enchanting; Chris Brown and Drake challenge each other to a dance-off. So, it’s in Davido’s best interest that he dropped a single (Blow My Mind) with Chris Brown on it. It’s a pretty strategic move.

Davido Blow My Mind

Davido and Chris Brown

Davido is expected to drop an album this year. Blow My Mind is most likely one of the singles on the album, which Davido released in a bid to give us a taste of what is to come. His singles If and Fall have done a great job of building an audience for Davido. A collaboration with Chris Brown only means that Davido will gain more prominence in the US. It makes Davido’s mission of conquering the global music industry easier. If Blow My Mind is supposedly a single from Davido’s upcoming album, it makes me wonder what else the man has in store for us.

2019 has seen Davido perform at different international festivals including Hot 97 Summer Jam, Dreamville, Essence festival. He also headlined a major festival in July. He performed at Wireless in 2018. He has worked with prominent acts including Meek Mill, Quavo, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Russ, Casanova, and many others. The Wonder Woman crooner has continued to set records; first Nigerian artist to get over 100m views on YouTube. It was recently reported that he has garnered more than 500m (total) views on YouTube, making him the first Nigerian artist to achieve such a feat. His monster single Fall is the longest-charting Nigerian song on Billboard.

This is what we mean when we say Afrobeats is gaining more popularity worldwide. It is obvious that international artists are fascinated by the Nigerian sound and are willing to help push it to the mainstream. Davido is one of the most active players, playing a huge role in the gradual success of Afrobeats. The anticipation for the album has been wild as he’ll be releasing it under RCA records. There will certainly be major collaborations with international artists on the project.