‘Buga’ Or ‘Last Last’: Which Is The Best Song Of 2022 So Far?

Both songs are currently on a global wave, setting new standards for Afrobeats songs and acts.

Buga Last Last 2022 Song Of The Year
Kizz Daniel & Burna Boy

No doubt, Kizz Daniel‘s ‘Buga ‘ & ‘Burna Boy‘s ‘Last Last’ are the biggest songs released by Afrobeats acts so far in 2022, which makes us curious as regards which is the bigger hit.


Flyboy inc frontline act Kizz Daniel opened his year in May with the mind-blowing banger “Buga“, which featured Tekno. Co-Produced by Blaise Beatz and Young Willis, it’s a no-brainer that the song will hit you instantly! The excitement and energy that come with the song will definitely hook you on the first listen. Overtime, Kizz Daniel created a dance routine for the song, and that propelled it even further.

Interestingly, Burna Boy’s “Last Last” was also released in the same month as a debut for the year, coming exactly ten days after Buga was released. Banking on the street trend that accorded relationship breakups as being “served breakfast,” the African Giant unleashed a Toni Braxton-sampled afro-fusion tune which was produced by Chopstix and was inspired by Burna Boy’s relationship breakup with his British-Jamaican rapper girlfriend Stefflon Don.

Aside from the fact that the instrumentation sampling that introduced the song was very catchy, we saw “Odogwu”, aka “The African Giant”, go vulnerable on a song, firstly confirming the rumours that had been going on about his love life and then expressing how the breakup indeed affected him (not allowing societal masculine expectations to make him mask up that emotion).

Due to these factors, everyone wanted to hear the hard guy get emotional, and when you eventually listen to the song, you get to realize that the song is also a smash tune! A song that would probably have you reminisce about that nasty “breakfast” you were served, leaving you in tears while you are bopping your head at the same time.

After the release of both songs, there was no stopping what they could achieve. From ranking number one in various country charts to garnering massive stream numbers for both audio and video, making the Billboard chart and several other milestones, it is quite difficult to determine which is the bigger hit.
Personally, I’m in a crisis as regards picking which is bigger for several reasons revolving around cultural effect, global acceptance, song quality, and a slew of others.

Both songs are obviously doing massive numbers, but ‘Last Last’ penetrates more on the global scene. Since it dropped, Burna Boy has performed in no less than 25 cities, and it has always been a highlight during his performances. This continuous visit to different parts of the world has tremendously aided the spread of the song, which is buzzing in non-African countries like Spain, Barbados, Geneva, Finland, Norway, Atlanta, Toronto, and a lot more.

On the other hand, Kizz Daniel’s ‘Buga’, which has also been on the road courtesy of the singer’s “Afro Classic” World Tour, cannot speak at the same volume when it comes to global dominance as its counterpart.

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Moving forward, Yes, ‘Last Last’ has global dominance, but ‘Buga’ has a more effective cultural impact because the song spreads evenly across all ages. Several videos have shown that “Buga” has become the official anthem for African Uncles and Aunties, as well as little kids and even toddlers who love the song and passionately accompany it with the dance; it’s no surprise that it was once the most shazamed song in the world.

Aside from “Buga,” which means “confidence,” being a word that resonates with every age group, its lyrics are user-friendly, which makes it easier for the older generation to like and, as well, permit their wards to join in the fun. “Last Last”, unfortunately, does not possess such qualities. Hence, it is dominantly enjoyed by youths.

Aesthetically, both songs do the magic as regards production, delivery, lyricism, and general performance, making it really hard to pick as they both put the listeners in an elated mood, and remain art that will clearly outlive their creators. So ‘Last Last, it’s okay for Afrobeats lovers to ‘Buga’ with both songs.

But in your own opinion, which is the bigger song for the year so far, “Last Last” or “Buga”?

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