Truth, Love and Confessions Album is a triumphal return by Idahams 


Truth, Love & Confessions is a triumphant return by Idahams. On this album, he had a track for everyone although at certain points... Read the full album review below for more details.

Hart Idawarifagha Ishmael, known by the stage name Idahams, rose to fame with the release of Man On Fire in 2020. The follow-up remixes were the spark he needed to become one of the next superstars in Nigeria.

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The Grafton record-signed artiste recently returned with a brand new album which he tagged Truth, Love & Confessions. A thirteen-track album that trickles with romance, sex, honesty, and more.

The album starts on an appreciative mode as Idahams takes it to church on Gratitude. Over mid-tempo, choir-assisted backup vocals, the artiste was full of praises to God. His verse is also interspersed with some personal tales such as his wrong decisions and and the death of his mother, which makes for an emotionally driven track that would be relatable to most listeners. By virtue of this, Idahams smartly captures the listeners’ attention with this first track which could have been the album closer. Not done with his thankful theme, Idahams continues with Che Che, and this time around, the choir vocals are subtle yet still pierce the ears.  

Idahams - Truth, Love and confessions album cover

Port Harcourt's finest export, Ajebo Hustlers comes through on Bad Girl. And just like the title suggests, the theme of the song revolves around a nice time out with a girl. As expected, Ajebo Hustlers' lyrics are encoded, nevertheless, the message is clear; two macho guys meet their match in a female love interest. Additionally, the music video to Bad Girl serves as an apt illustration to the storyline.

Eventually, this macho guy meets a more formidable match on Hate That I Love You. This time around, despite being hurt, emotions remain at an all time high as he doesn't seem prepared to leave anytime. Still when Idaham says; “She Dey with another man on bed, I know I no leave, my love too strong,” you are bound to doubt the truthfulness of what he says.

Track five, Odeshi starts with children singing, underneath this is a bright flute instrumentalisation. A nod to self-acclaim, on this song, Idahams is self-confident as he vows never to bow down to anyone while hinging his belief  on the Almighty. The song ends with prayers from a kid, however the lyrics are entirely too bland to make headway of. 

On the next track, sunny saxophone meets upbeat production on Lovina.  Idahams here, is declarative with his words, and extensively uses adjectives to sway the girl– Lovina, to his side.  The featured singer Zach Zoya, complements Idahams with a mellow, ear-pleasing verse.  Just like the opener, the production on this particular track brings the best out of Idahams.

Idahams has always been an advocate for change. In 2018,  he released Heal The Land, a plea to the government over the country's insecurity and poor state of affairs. Four years later, the situation seems to be static as he cries over almost the same things on Kpofire. The theme is still the same and it revolves around what's obtainable in oil-rich states in Nigeria. He then ends the song with an appeal to the government to stop the environmental pollution in Port Harcourt.

On Go Again, Idahams admits his admiration for his sugar mummy. This track is just as naughty as Bad Girl yet with slight tweaks. I also believe this is where the ‘confessions’ part of the album title comes in. The following track, Oyeh, is built on a lovelorn relationship and brings out Idahams mischievous side which is rather hilarious too.

Somebody's Daughter centres on weddings and might just be the new addition to the wedding playlists around. Idahams leverages on a brilliant hook to draft this tune. Lyrically, it's a cheesy song and reeks of a lack of inventiveness, not even the featured artiste, Muthaka, could save the track.

Pressure begins with two different calls. One was between Idahams and his supposed sister, the other between him and his landlord. Both conversations revolve around financial commitments. By the time Idahams comes on, the essence of the opener becomes clear; life would always come with its pressure, the ability to withstand it should be developed, Idahams, Metha4our, and Tugga Skii seem to say.


On the shakers which start off Rapid Love, Idahams gushes about a girl's beauty while affirming his unalloyed commitment. Where I'm From ends the album and just like the opener, it's an emotional voyage through Idahams state of mind. It's also a continuation of the opener with a message against police brutality. Some of the lines coyly pay tribute to Steroman (E dey pain me) and Blackfacenaija (It's hard life for Naija), who are two of Nigeria's socially conscious artistes.

Truth, Love & Confessions is a triumphant return by Idahams. On this album, he had a track for everyone although at certain points, the exploration of the topics may have been confusing for the listeners. This is due to the fact that Idahams was trying to do too much on this album; he spread himself too thin. Yet throughout, three themes remain dominant on the album; love, gratitude, and societal issues. All in all, it makes for an all-rounded album.

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