Ruger is going to ‘RU The World’ of music


Ruger knows exactly who he is on his debut album, Ru The World. 

Ruger dropped his debut album, Ru the World, on September 4th. The highly anticipated album did not disappoint, as Ruger delivered excellent songwriting and melodies on this 17-track project.

The afro-fusion album features acts like Stefflon Don, Sauti Sol, Govana, and more. Ru The World also features previously released singles, including, Asiwaju, Bun Bun, Jonzing Boy, Kristy, and Red Flags.

Ruger has been releasing a string of successful singles that have driven demand for his talent. 

The song starts off very strongly with the intro song, ‘Tour’. It is a fusion of dancehall and electro-music influences. This song sets the pace of the album, Ruger is confident, successful and ready to go harder.

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A seamless playlist

The sequencing of the songs on the album is seamless and even. Through exploring different themes, the songs phase into each other very well. There is a bit of discordance when the song moves from an explicit one to a more emotional track. However, it doesn’t change the seamless way into which the songs blend into each other giving a relaxing, enjoyable experience.

Proud lover themes and excellent delivery

Ruger is not afraid to brag about his talent and it is one of the prominent themes on the album. The songs Tour and Asiwaju see Ruger talk about making it to the current height of his career. He also sings about how in demand he is by everyone.

 His songs Dear Ex and Red Flags show more of his emotional side. Ruger sings about his relationship with love, women, and of course, his exes.

The collaborative artists also hold their own well on the songs, Stefflon Don was a tad underwhelming on Addiction. On the other hand, Sauti Sol, Jugglerz and Projexx are amazing on their tracks. Their unique styles elevate the songs that they feature.

Ruger lives up to the hype he built for this album. His songwriting, melody progression and storytelling is at an all-time high on this project. The songs are enjoyable and catchy and will have listeners on the dance floor while thinking about their exes.

Overall rating: 7.5/10