8 Contemporary Naija Heartbreak Songs That Capture the Pain of Chopping Breakfast


The Nigerian internetsphere has been awash with stories of heartbreak and love gone wrong. The stories started to surface after a man shared a screenshot of his message where his significant other informed him of her upcoming marriage. Some stories shared in its wake have been hilarious, some outrightly shocking and embarrassing. But when remedies were discussed, there was a consensus that good songs are a balm for the pain that comes with heartbreak.

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Are you going through it or having it rough with love? These heartbreak songs might speak to you; 

1. My Dear- Asa 

Here, Asa crooned wistfully over a lover that jilted her at the altar. Talk about the grandmother level of heartbreak. And while you might not be able to relate, her calls of ‘where are you my dear?’ Will definitely have you in your feelings as you remember your 'dear'.

2. Kwasia- Nonso Amadi ft. Eugy

Nonso Amadi’s vibe has always been a reflective one. Then he teamed up with Eugy to voice emotions of dealing with a cheating lover. 

This song might give you PTSD but with a dash of sweet vibes.

3. Murvlana- Santi ft. Tay Iwar

Heartbreak that doesn’t send pangs of pain through you at the oddest times is that one heartbreak? On Murvlana, that’s exactly what Santi and Tay Iwar sing about as they sauce, reminisce and cry with the pain. 

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4. Insecure- Chike

This is off his ‘Boo of the Booless’ album that serves as a sanctuary for the heartbroken and searching lovers. If you’ve developed trust issues from being cheated on, ‘Insecure’ is for you to sing out your heart to. 

5. Monica- Tay Iwar

Tay Iwar has a reputation for putting emotions into words and his ‘Monica’ is perfect if you’re trying to mend from a very intense relationship that has now hit the rocks and left you broken.

6. Dreamer- Fireboy DML

‘You left my messages on "read", too busy loving someone else’ Fireboy sings on ‘Dreamer.’ This song makes for those suffering the unique heartbreak that comes from a situationship gone wrong. 

7. Boulevard- Rema

Did you ever lose a babe because you didn’t look cool enough or didn’t have money? Rema has been down that boulevard too and put it on this song. 

8. Damages- Tems

‘Damages’ is for the light after the tunnel, the healing after the heartbreak. It’s the song to sing when you see your ex that’s now beneath you, eyeing you cause you look peng at the party you both happen to be at. It’s a heartbreak manifestation song because here, you’re officially done with the sadness and can now take no damages. 

Have you ever gotten heartbroken before? What songs did you turn to soothe your pain? Do let us know!