5 Naija Songs To Set The Mood For You This Valentine


5 Naija Songs To Set The Mood For You This Valentine

Valentine is the season of love and a good time to be with the one you call yours. It's that time where you're treated specially and sometimes we also try to get the best atmosphere at this special time.

We don't know about you, but you'll agree with us that Music has a way of setting the atmosphere and we just have some of the perfect songs lined up for you to pick from... but note, the song you pick determines the mood you want this season and they are listed below in no particular, so pick the song you prefer considering the state of your love life

1. Chemistry by Simi and Falz

Falz Chemistry Art Cover

Falz X Simi

If there's one thing that always comes to mind when listening to Chemistry is the beauty in true love confession, especially when the feeling is mutual. If you have a prospective boo or bae and you're finding a way to let him know how you feel, worry no more, just play Chemistry during a romantic dinner on valentine's day when you guys are together and allow the Chemistry to take control... but make sure he/she feels the same, if not you'll go home feeling depressed.

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2. Mistake by Phyno

Phyno Valentine

Artist, Phyno

Now, are you looking for the right words to get your girl back to your arms this valentine, because the truth is, your ego ain't gonna do you no good if you keep up with, especially if you've screwed up big time. So get yourself Phyno's mistake and set the mood that can mend the broken bridge for you. You don't want to be that guy that didn't spend time with his girl because of a simple fight, right? So call her up, let the lyrics in this song speak the words of your heart, and watch her forgive you like magic! Sitting back and forming a big boy or acting like a man won't help matters for you o, because, after valentine's, it'll seem like you avoided the apology to avoid valentine's "love sharing". So get Phyno's Mistake, make a move to your bae's house and go mend the bridge so you can enjoy 14th together.

3. You suppose Know by Bez

Bez Love songs

Artist, Bez

Insecurity is one thing most of us deal with, especially in a relationship where you're not sure of your place in the person's heart. "You suppose know" is the perfect song to make your partner know you're still with them. Now we love this song because of how conversational it is. It helps you communicate and reassures your lover that you're still with them and calm them of their insecurities.

"Baby baby, oh oh baby
Why you con dey fear, say one day i go disappear
Baby baby, oh oh baby
Why you con dey fear, say one day i go disappear
You suppose know by now"

4. Rewind by Tiwa Savage

Tiwa Savage Red Album

Tiwa Savage

Aside from reaffirming love to your heartthrob, Tiwa Savage's Rewind is a song that helps you profess your love to your bae or boo with confidence. The second verse of the song

" baby mu oh, baby mu oh, baby mu oh,

I love you, I love you, I love you,

sweeti mu oh, sweeti mu oh, ngwanu

Daddy mu oh Daddy nwoke oma

your love e sweet like wine

wey dey get better with time

everyday na valentine with you my love oh"

Set the mood that erases all doubt from your partner. Sing his praises with this love song and make him feel like your King or make her feel like the Queen she is to, but most importantly, make him/her feel like every day can be a valentine for you guys.

5. Mad Over You by Runtown

RunTown Mad over you cover

Runtown Cover

You know this is the day where love is not just about saying it. Where valentine is concerned, action speaks louder than words, so this is not a time to say mad over you, you have to show how mad you are over you babe. While showering your babe with that precious gift, that romantic dinner or whatever plans you have, let this song be your voice and you'll see how without talking, you'll serenade her into your arms.

We hope these songs will; set the mood(s) rolling for you this valentine and help you say your mind to your babe. From all you single, speak up with Chemistry. Having issues? makeup with Phyno's Mistake. In doubt? clear it with "You suppose know" by Bez and in love, express it with Tiwa's Rewind and Runtown's Mad over you, but in all... Ensure to enjoy the season and love for the love that it is!

Happy Valentine!