Oxlade Delivers Exciting Live Performance of 'Pay Me' for Glitch Africa | WATCH


Nigerian singer, Oxlade has shared a new video of himself doing a live performance of his song, Pay Me during his recent session at the Glitch Africa studios.

Oxlade was the latest guest on the Glitch Africa Takeoff series and the new video sees him take a live performance of his own song, Pay Me off his latest EP. The video was shared via Youtube on Tuesday, the 8th of December 2021.

Oxlade Delivers Live Performance of Pay Me for Glitch Africa Watch Video NotjustOK
Oxlade on Glitch Takeoff

Pay Me is one of the songs off Oxlade's latest EP titled Eclipse. The singer collaborated with high-profile beatsmith Coublon to deliver this impressive body of work, a four-track extended play dubbed, Eclipse. Cocooned within falsetto-draped soundbeds, Oxlade navigates the complexities of love with infectious lyricism.

Oxlade also recently released a short film based on the EP titled Without You which stars himself alongside Nzube ‘Zebee’ EzikeohaChioma Okafor, and Isaac Egberamen.

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In the video of his live performance of Pay Me for Glitch Africa, Oxlade also explains the meaning of the song and why he sang it. He said the song was just a way for him to assure the person he was singing about at the time that he could not let go of what they had.


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