Wizkid vibes to Money Gee's 'Big Wizzy' in Lagos club


Nigerian music sensation Ayodeji Balogun, popularly known as Wizkid, has publicly showcased his appreciation for Hypeman, Money Gee, aka God Over Everything, who composed a special song dedicated to the artist.

As we previously reported, Wizkid not only loved the musical tribute but also rewarded Money Gee with a generous N20 million.

In a recent development, Wizkid was spotted at a club, revelling in the joyous atmosphere as he energetically danced to Money Gee's song.

The singer's face radiated happiness and satisfaction while he held a glass of drink, and the celebratory moment was captured in a video shared on Instagram.

The positive display of camaraderie between Wizkid and Money Gee comes in the wake of allegations surrounding the N20 million reward. Some claims suggested that the monetary gesture was made to redeem Wizkid's glory, with additional speculation that Money Gee invoked spiritual forces to influence the singer's generous response after composing the song.

However, the recent club celebration paints a different picture, emphasising the genuine appreciation and enjoyment Wizkid derives from Money Gee's musical efforts.

The artist's enthusiastic dance moves and joyful demeanour in the video suggest a harmonious relationship between the two, dispelling any lingering rumours of underlying tensions.

As the musical connection between Wizkid and Money Gee continues to thrive, fans eagerly anticipate further collaborations and shared moments between the talented artist and his devoted supporters.