Money Gee shows admiration for Wizkid after receiving N20 million


Nigerian rapper Money Gee, popularly known as God Over Everything, continues to shower praise on Nigerian singer Wizkid after receiving a generous gift of N20 million for dedicating a song to the superstar.

Money Gee has now taken things a step further by shooting the music video for his viral hit song, Italawa.

In a recent social media post, Money Gee showcased a framed photo capturing Wizkid's acknowledgement of his dedication, extending his gratitude for the 20-meter reply on Instagram.

The hypeman also treated fans to a sneak peek behind the scenes of the upcoming music video, giving a glimpse of the creative process.

Previously making headlines for splurging a portion of the gifted N20 million on a luxury car, Money Gee appears to be fully immersed in celebrating the recognition from Wizkid.

The caption accompanying his post read, "MACHALA TI TE 20Meter. Keep streaming BIG WIZZY (italawa). Official video will be out soon."

As the hypeman transforms Wizkid's gesture into a multimedia spectacle, fans eagerly anticipate the release of the official music video for Italawa, a track that has become synonymous with Money Gee's newfound connection with the Afrobeat icon.