Adol (notjustOk Hype)


Adol (notjustOk Hype)

If you have or know of anyones music that you feel is a hit or any good, please send an email to notjustokmusic with a link to their page or where I can download the song. ***If you can email me the song, please be sure to zip it first before sending it as an attachment***

OK so I have heard only one song from Adol and I already believe that he is entitled to blow not only locally in naija but internationally as well. The name 'Adol' comes from his birth given name Sulaimon Oluwatoyin Adewole (I am sure you can figure it out).

His current single 'Orin' was released earlier this year. My experience when I initially listened to the song are as follows:

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  • 3 seconds into this song, my intuition whispered to me "this will be a good song"
  • Once Adol started singing, I decided to pay more attention just because of his voice.
  • As soon as the track finished, I ended up listening to the song over and over again until I had something more important to do.
  • I burnt it to CD and Overdosed on the song everyday for 2 weeks straight. I am still not tired of listening. Listen to it, you might have a similar experience.

Obviously, I am sold on Adol and I think you will put your money on him as soon you're done listening to Orin.


According to Adol, he has been offered some label deals, but he turned them down for different reasons. He is currently unsigned and available for an ideal record label to sign with. If you are a label head and you are interested in Adol as an artist, you can reach him using the contact info below:

Watch out for the Orin Video and his album. Kindly take your time to visit it's where you will be able to listen to his songs and let us know what you feel about Adol Orin.

Business Inquiries contact: Tolu on 08028756516 & Toyin on 08066324529,also on email