Babatunde Afolabi

    Babatunde "Babz" Afolabi stands as a multifaceted force within the entertainment SPACE. As an A&R, photographer, creative strategist, videographer, and DJ, Babz continues to push boundaries, seamlessly weaving his expertise across disciplines. Mentored by seasoned image managers and entertainment experts in Los Angeles, he developed a keen understanding of industry trends and mastered the use of unique models to analyze the entertainment landscape.

    Born in Nigeria, Babz moved to the United Kingdom at six and later pursued his college education in the United States. His academic achievements include a bachelor's degree in Marketing from Michigan State University, a foundation that fortified his understanding of consumer behavior and brand management. Seeking to augment his knowledge further, Babz pursued a Master's in Public Relations and Advertising at the prestigious University of Southern California, refining his strategic communication skills and expanding his insights into the dynamics of media and entertainment promotion.

    Beyond his professional endeavors, Babz is a social butterfly driven by a passion for uplifting and empowering others to achieve success. Driven by this innate motivation, Babz actively engages with aspiring artists, sharing insights, and offering guidance garnered from his own experiences. His belief in the power of collaboration and collective growth inspires those within his sphere to push boundaries, explore their potential, and reach new heights in their creative pursuits. His vision extends towards a unified and supportive community where every voice is heard, valued, and uplifted.

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