UEFA Euro 2024 Playoffs draw


20 teams have booked their places at the Euro 2024 tournament, with three more spots left to be filled at the competition which will be hosted in Germany.

12 nations have been confirmed for the play-offs, and the teams were selected based on their ranking at the UEFA Nations League. This is a second chance for countries that failed to pick up an automatic ticket through the qualifying round of games.

How did they pick the teams of the Euro 2024 play-offs?

The group winners of Leagues A, B and C were expected to qualify for the play-offs, but as many have already booked their place at the 2024 tournament, they will be replaced by the next highest-ranking side in that league.

The Netherlands, Croatia, Spain and Italy all claimed victory in their respective League A groups although they have all progressed to Euro 2024, so the play-off spots go to the teams below them while Israel, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Scotland all ranked top in their respective League B groups.

Georgia, Greece, Turkey and Kazakhstan take the final four spots after winning their respective League C groups.

What are the play-offs draw?

Play-off ( Path A)

Wales vs Finland
Poland vs Estonia

Play-off ( Path B)

Bosnia and Herzegovina vs Ukraine
Israel vs Iceland

Play-off ( Path C)

Georgia vs Luxembourg
Greece vs Kazakhstan

The winners of Bosnia's game with Ukraine will host the winners of Israel vs Iceland for a spot in Germany next year.

The winner of the game between Wales and Finland will meet either Poland or Estonia while the winner of Georgia and Luxembourg will face the winner of the game between Greece and Kazakhstan.

When are the fixtures?

There will be six semi-finals on 21 March 2024 and three finals on 26 March 2024, with the three winning teams in those games completing the 24-team EURO finals line-up.