Teams that Have Never Been Relegated in the Premier League


The Premier League always have three teams relegated at the end of every season, the last three teams on the league table will play in the Championship the following season.

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There are only a few teams that have failed to relegate in the history of the Premier League which started in the 1992/93 season. Notjustok has decided to highlight the Premier League clubs that have never dropped into the Championship.

(1) Liverpool:

The Merseyside team have never been relegated in the Premier League, hower, they finished bottom of the First Division in 1953-54 and they spent eight seasons there until earning promotion in the 1961-62 season.

(2) Arsenal:

The Gunners are only on the exclusive list of Premier League clubs that have never played in the English Championship. The last time Arsenal got relegated was during the 1912/13 season. The Gunners gained promotion back into the Division for the 1919/20 season.

(3) Everton:

The Merseyside team are also on the list of clubs that have never been relegated from the Premier League. The Merseyside's got themselves relelegated in the 1950-51 campaign. They were promoted back in 1954, taking their place at the top table from 1954-55.

(4) Chelsea:

The Blues got relegated in the 1987/88, having lost a relegation play-off tie with Middlesbrough, but they returned after one season after winning the Second Division in 1988-89. 

(5) Tottenham:

Tottenham have been in the England's top league since the 1970s, the last time they were relegated was during the 1976!77 season but they returned back in the 1978-79.

(6) Manchester United:

The Red Devils were last relegated from the top flight in the 1973-74 season, but they rebounded straight away and have been a part of the top table since the 1975-76 season.