Ronaldo's Al Nassr Rivals Al Hilal Set To Make Lionel Messi A Shocking Salary Offer


The direct rivals of Ronaldo's Al Nassr, Al Hilal, are set to make Lionel Messi an irresistible salary offer to bring him to Saudi Arabia.

Messi Al Hilal
Lionel Messi And Cristiano Ronaldo

Saudi Arabia clubs seem to have their eyes set on making their league one of the biggest in the world as the direct rivals of Al Nassr, who recently completed the signing of Cristiano Ronaldo; Al Hilal is set to make PSG star and world cup winner Lionel Messi an irresistible salary offer.

Messi, who is the current ambassador of the Visit Saudi campaign according to Spanish news outlet Mundo Deportivo, is set to be offered a salary bid estimated to be worth up to 300 million euros per year which is estimated to be twice the amount of the Ronaldo wage at Al Nassr.

It is believed that the state of Saudi would provide the necessary financial support to Al Hilal to make the bid possible as they believe having two of the biggest players in football history would improve the quality and structure of the Saudi League.

With Messi's contract at PSG coming to an end in June 2023, concerns as to where the Argentine legend would play again have been in the news as many clubs have continued to show interest in the world cup winner.

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