Manchester United reportedly receive transfer offer for Mason Greenwood


Reports indicate that Manchester United have now received a transfer offer for attacker Mason Greenwood.

As the transfer window for England closes at midnight on Friday, September 1, 2023, Manchester United have reportedly received a transfer offer for the attacking player Mason Greenwood, who is being let go by the club.

Reports indicate that the offers for the young England international have come from the Turkish league to sign him on what is believed to be a loan deal till the end of the season. According to the Daily Mail UK, Besiktas is ready to give Mason Greenwood an opportunity for a fresh start. The Turkish club is likely to extend a loan offer to Manchester United for the young forward.

The urgency to finalize the deal isn't pressing, considering that the Turkish League's transfer window remains open until September 15, 2023. This extended timeline provides ample room for negotiations and discussions between the parties involved, ensuring that they have sufficient time to come to a decision regarding the deal's completion.

Earlier this month, Manchester United revealed that Greenwood's time at the club will come to an end following an internal review related to the striker. The 21-year-old, who faced arrest in January 2022 on charges including attempted rape, won't be representing the club in the future. He's expected to either leave on loan or have his contract resolved.

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