European Super League Announce its New Proposal to Football Clubs


The European Super League has taken another huge step to see their proposal come to reality.

The Committee has started reportedly taken care of the loopholes in the first proposal as they look to convince all the stakeholders. Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Juventus have contacted more than 50 clubs in a bid to launch a new European club competition to replace the Champions League.

The project would include a multi-division competition of 60-80 teams with no permanent members and a minimum of 14 games per season.

The company formed to sponsor and assist with the creation of the Super League, A22, has consulted with clubs across Europe since October. According to reports, the new project is a result of conversations with clubs around Europe on the financial issues they're facing.

There are no details yet on how the original 60-80 teams would be constituted or how they would drop out of the competition to make way for new teams.