Did Chelsea Make The Right Decision By Sacking Thomas Tuchel?

With so much drama surrounding the sacking of Thomas Tuchel, we look closely at whether Chelsea FC has made the right decision in taking this step.

Chelsea Thomas Tuchel
Thomas Tuchel

In the early hours of today, Wednesday, September 7, 2022, Chelsea FC took to all its social media platform to make a shocking announcement that Thomas Tuchel had been sacked by the new ownership of Chelsea on its 100th day as the owners of the club. The question on everyone’s lips is did Chelsea FC make the right decision is sacking arguably one of the best coaches in football history or did he deserve more time?

Thomas Tuchel At Chelsea FC In Statistics

Games Played
Goals Scored
Goals Conceeded

With these numbers provided by sky sports Thomas Tuchel’s time at Chelsea had been one can can be viewed as successful looking at the wins as well as the draws, for a side that was viewed to not score many goals the blues had still scored 168 goals.

Eye brows and questions can be raised on his last 50 games at the side as the blues managed to win just 28, draw 13 and lose 9 games but had conceded a staggerin amount of 53 goals even when the scored 87 goals.

Should Thomas Tuchel Have Been Sacked By Chelsea FC?

Chelsea Thomas Tuchel
Thomas Tuchel

The sacking of Thomas Tuchel had been abrupt and too early in my opinion, the German should have at least been given till his 10th game at the club before such a decision could be made based on the fact that he had newly signed players to further improve the squad. According to numerous reports the sacking of TT had been eminent and not as a result of the loss in the first Champions League game against Dinamo Zagreb.

I would not deny Chelsea have not had the best run of form as the blues have remained shaky and have also refused to pick up all three points from easy games, this can also be attributed to player errors and sloppy plays from the players but at the end of the day the manager takes the blame for the side, many can say Tuchel should have tweaked up the formation or should have played players in their positions but I would rather say he could have easily improved the team with a few tweaks here and there which is why he made the signings he did,

Reports have also speculated that the owners and Tuchel’s ideologies had not been the same in aspect of players being signed, as we may recall the board had been interested in signing Ronaldo but Thomas Tuchel had kicked against it.

Thomas Tuchel is a quality coach that would command respect wherever he would find himself, the Boehly era looks to be following the same path as the Abramovich era and this raises questions as to if Chelsea would have the club ideology they so desperately aim to have and would the club get the right replacement for a legend viewed as an idol by the Chelsea faithfuls.

What Is Next For Chelsea?

Chelsea Thomas Tuchel

The Boehly-led consortium have to get the coach replacement right and the option of Graham Potter and Mauricio Pochettino is a massive let down from what you would expect from a club like Chelsea. The records of Mauricio Pochettino at Tottenham and PSG are there for all to see and Graham Potter has not managed a top premier league side like the Blues.

Brighton are known to start the season in the best way and drop form mid season. The owners of Brighton might not have an issue with this but at Chelsea your best is what they require and there is definitely no time to impact your ideology and trust the process. Chelsea has always been a winning machine and would always be a winning machine.

The gaffa Thomas Tuchel would forever be remembered as a legend for the blues, many like myself would hope that Chelsea do not regret this harsh decision.

Stamford Bridge would not be the same without TT but the blues like myself would always remain grateful for him sticking around in the tough times and for conquering Europe and the world for Chelsea.

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