#NationsLeague2022: Here Is The Country That Defeated France For The First Time In The Football History


A country in the Nations League 2022 defeated the France national side for the first time in their international football history.

France Euro 2022
Kylian Mbappe

Following the defeat of France on Monday, June 13, 2022, Croatia defeated France for the first time in an international fixture in their football history at the Nations League 2022 competition.

An early spot-kick from Luka Modric and the sublime display from the Croatian side saw the team snatch a victory from an all-star French side and also prevent a repeat of the 2018 FIFA World Cup final in Russia.

It is shocking however that France has still not picked up a victory in the Nations League competition as they hold the bottom place on the Group 1 table following two draws and two losses. Croatia on the other hand has improved as the Nations League 2022 progresses.

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