Banned Countries from the History of the FIFA World Cup | SEE LIST


The FIFA World Cup is one of the followed football competitions around the world. It is held every four years and most players always dream of playing in the lucrative competition.

FIFA World Cup
FIFA World Cup


Some countries in time past, have been banned from participating in the FIFA World Cup by the body governing football in the world.

These countries were suspended from the FIFA World Cup for some of the weird reasons. Notjustok has decided to highlight countries that have been in these bad books of FIFA.

(1) Russia - 2022

The Russians were banned from participating in the Qatar 2022 World Cup. FIFA took this decision because of the invasion of the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, on Ukraine.

(2) Chile - 1994

The reason why Chile were banned will always remain weird, the team was losing in the 1990 World Cup qualifier against Brazil which they had to win. Then Chile's goalkeeper Roberto Rojas was hit by a flare except that he was not. He failed it to get the match called off. As punishment Brazil qualified for the 1900 World Cup and Chile were banned from the 1994 World Cup hosted in USA.

(3) Germany and Japan -1950

Following the end of the Second World War, both nations had not been readmitted to FIFA in time for the first post-war World Cup.

(4) South Africa- 1966

During the country's apartheid regime, African countries boycotted the competition due to South Africa's reinstatement into FIFA in 1963. Hence, FIFA had to ban South Africa

(5) Mexico - 1990

Four years after hosting the World Cup, Mexico we're banned for lying about the age of some of their players in the Under 20 World Cup.