Champions League: Why We Lost 2-5 To Real Madrid - Klopp


Champions League: Why We Lost 2-5 To Real Madrid - Klopp

Liverpool head coach Jurgen Klopp in a post-match press conference has revealed why his side lost by a huge margin of 2-5 to Real Madrid.

Following a woeful defeat in the round of 16 of the UEFA Champions League, the head coach of L.iverpool Jurgen Klopp, has revealed why his side had succumbed to Real Madrid in the competition at Anfield.

Liverpool had taken the lead in the early minutes of the game before doubling the lead from a goalkeeping error; this, however, did not last as Real Madrid levelled the scoreline before half-time with two goals from Vinicius Jnr.

Los Blancos then took the lead in the early minute of the second half from a goal by Militao before Karim Benzema scored a brace to seal the game off.

Jurgen Klopp revealed that his side had lost because:

"In the beginning it was outstanding. Us in a nutshell - perfect. 2-0 up, whole first half was good except the goals, But we got passive. Second goal, slapstick. Cannot happen, shouldn't happen. You need to play a game like we played in the first half for a full 95 mins. When they scored we had 5-6 players alone, and no challenge. That cannot happen."

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