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On the 1st of December, Yarden dropped his first project The One Who Descends TOWD EP via Etins Records / 0207 Def Jam, named after the meaning of his name in Hebrew. The project starts with ‘Wait’, an easy track that introduces the listener to Yarden’s addictive sound. The song establishes Yarden’s fascination with time and how he uses the concept to explore wider subjects like relationships, personal connection & freedom. ‘Divine’ sees the young star comfortable at a faster pace, demonstrating his versatility. The artfully compact project finishes with the beautiful closer, ‘Pressure’, an emotionally reflective track that’s made to calm inner troubles. 

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The two-year process of putting together his debut EP ‘The One Who Descends’ with Etins Records has moulded Yarden’s creative process to provide a five-track offering that champions his Afrobeats influence and proves his unique place in the colorful fabric of Nigeria’s musical landscape. With production from upcoming homegrown talent and only two features from friends, Swayvee and Morien, there’s an intentional decision to work with those integral to his journey before reaching out to the international superstars only a phone call away at this point.

The One Who Desends ‘TOWD’ Tracklist

1. Wait

2. Divine 

3. Time

4. So Cold (feat. Morien & Swayvee)

5. Pressure

Yarden’s November 2022 single ‘Wetin’ has become a huge hit reaching 56m global streams and demonstrated his entrancing vocals and songwriting prowess. The record is still growing with well over 100k streams a day. With ‘Wetin’, Yarden showed his ability and willingness to create an expressive mood and feeling in his music that extends beyond the  bounds of genre. Always striving for greatness and success, Yarden began diligently creating content on TikTok and ‘Wetin’ amassed over 105k creations on the app. Incredibly the single also has over 400k Shazams. Yarden’s charisma extends to his writing and on his most recent single ‘Busy Body’, he creates addictive melodies over a hazy & atmospheric production.

STREAM ‘The One Who Desends’ HERE

More on Yarden

The 23 year old singer-songwriter was born and raised in Lagos, to a musical family, with his dad producing in the local scene. Looking back at his upbringing on mainland Lagos - as the oldest of three and the son of a banker and teacher who loved to host ‘jams’ at home for guests to come and enjoy music (his dad was a DJ before settling down into a family) as well as a singer in the  church choir - it was almost inevitable that Jordan (aka Yarden) would become an artist. 

Growing up Yarden saw the huge productions & relentless work ethic displayed by the likes of Chris Brown, The Weeknd and Michael Jackson, and has long dreamt of bringing the same scale to his own creativity. After years of self-taught songwriting, in 2020 Yarden set his sights on a career in music, signing to Nigerian record label Etins Records continuing to hone his craft and develop his artistry. The lyrical content of his music touches often on the topic of love, the urgent internal yearning of finding “the one” and leans heavily into the feeling of nostalgia melodically. He has shown an ability to create music based on a whole host of different emotions which resonates with fans from all backgrounds. 

A recent 0207 Def Jam signee, his world musical domination is only a matter of time.

Cover for Yarden ‘The One Who Descends’ TOWD EP
Cover for Yarden ‘The One Who Descends’ TOWD EP

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