VIDEO: TY Bello - The Future


“We are the future. We are the dream. We are the nation. We are part of this. Yes we are so amazing! That’s the least we shall be; at the heart of the nation changing history!”

Those are the powerful words of an optimistic Nigerian; one who, despite the current political and economic situation in Nigeria, still believes there's hope for a better tomorrow. TY Bello is that Nigerian, and she shares her optimism through this wonderfully crafted piece titled "The Future".

When we posted the audio version of this song back in February, it got 100% positive reviews... and rightly so. The video below (directed by Kemi Adetiba) captures the mood/message of the song. Through determination, the lead act, bound by corruption, tribalism, poverty, insecurity, injustice and other social vices, breaks free and scales through seemingly insurmountable obstacles. I hope you enjoy this great work of art as much as I did.


"The future is not a time-zone that is yet to come.
The future is everything that we can be but have not yet become.
The future is everything that we can do, but have not yet done.
The future is here. The future is now!
" - Fela Durotoye

Location: Lagos, Nigeria.

Kemi Adetiba Visuals.